PlayBook Games by Pixel Brain Games — Now Only $.99!


Pixel Idols   (was $1.99)   NOW ONLY $0.99!!!

Pixel Brain Games has reached out to the NerdBerry Crew to let us know about a special promotion they are running all weekend.Here is what they had to say:

Doing It For The Children

Take a moment and ask yourself, “Am I doing all I can to support orphans in third-world countries?

If you answered no, maybe, or even yes, Pixel Brain Games is about to make it even easier for you and your loved ones to sleep better at night knowing that you heeded the call of the less fortunate. So, for this weekend only (or until I remember to change the prices back), ALL PIXEL BRAIN GAMES ARE ONLY $0.99. That is not a typo – ALL PIXEL BRAIN GAMES ARE ONLY $0.99.

Take a moment to collect yourself. Now think of the savings you can pass along to the orphans.

So hit the break for more apps by Pixel Brain Games!

Tots   (was $2.99)   NOW ONLY $0.99!!!

Space Junk   (was $0.99)   NOW STILL $0.99!!!

Bowling at Doodle Lanes   (was $1.99)   NOW ONLY $0.99!!!