RIM Releases BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Blackberry Smartphones v2.1.1

RIM has annouced the update version of webworks, BlackBerry WebWorks SDK v 2.1.1 for BlackBerry Smartphones. This is the new update for OS 7 devices.

Known as the Echo release, this update provides new features that can be used by developers to build even better capabilities into their BlackBerry WebWorks applications. Continue reading for details.

New capabilities available to WebWorks developers for BlackBerry Smartphones are:

Support for new APIs – You can now access APIs for camera and push functionality (including reliable push), and for working with the banner area.

Improved page rendering – Page rendering is now faster when you do not use a loading screen.

HTTP BASIC authentication support – When your application accesses a web server that requires authentication, users are prompted for credentials. If your application uses a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server connection, you also get NTLM authentication support.

Camera API – Developers can leverage a BlackBerry smartphone’s camera to record video/capture stills from within a WebWorks app

Push API – The new Push API makes it easier for developers to leverage BIS/BES Push Services to deliver real-time notifications. This API now has reliable push support which means the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ application can send confirmation to the server that the push data has been delivered.

Banner API – Developers can now leverage the home screen banner to alert end users of new notifications with custom logos or icons.

HTTP Basic/NTLM Authentication – BlackBerry WebWorks applications now have full support for Basic authentication. NTLM authentication is only supported for applications connecting through BES.

Download the Blackberry Webworks SDK v2.1.1