BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7 Beta Screenshots

If you have been wondering what exactly the new Desktop Manager 7 for BlackBerry is going to look like, our friends over at Berryreview got some sent to them. There really doesn’t seem to be a huge overhaul to the UI compared to DM6, but does seem to be some new changes once you dive in.  It will update your WiFi Media Sync app, but nothing earth shattering that we can see. There does seem to be some changes to the Organizer Sync, but we really can’t comment to much until we get some time playing with the new beat Desktop Manager.  The one feature that I am personally interested in trying out is the new “drag and drop” functionality to copy files between devices.  There are some more pics after the jump, and you can also see all the screenshots of DM7 by hitting up the source link.