Poynt User Base Feats 9.5 Million!

Poynt is a great application that uses your current location to allow you to find restaurants, businesess, movie times, and even the best gas prices! So great that they have released some info on refenues as well as numbers on the application.

Revenues increased 167% to a record $573,399 from $214,734 in the same quarter a year ago. The improvement was primarily due to the continued increase in Poynt user adoption. Revenues in the second quarter of 2011 were comprised of $419,000 in advertising revenues and $125,000 in fixed licensing fees.

“Preload agreements with mobile operators have been significant drivers for increasing Poynt’s user base for it to become one of the most widely-adopted mobile applications worldwide. In fact, existing preloads contributed more than 300,000 of the 700,000 new users in June. We estimate that for each Poynt App preloaded on a Smartphone device, around 34% become active users who generate more than 35 queries per month. Our average queries-per-month by active users has also increased more than 130%year-over-year.

In July, 2011, the average number of queries per active user increased to 33. As of August 23, 2011, the total unique user base had increased to 9.5 million!

You can also grab the app OTA from poynt or in BlackBerry App World

MobileSyrup via MarketWatch