RIM quietly honors man who encouraged and helped them in the early days

When it comes to the technology sector there are thousands of upstart companies that dream of making it big.  Most of the time this is not accomplished without the help of special people that encourage and offer and guidance.  RIM is no different in this case, as when they were first starting up they received some sound advice from an engineer by the name of Dr. Ernest Davison, who encouraged Mike Lazaridis to apply for a research grant for surface mount technology (SMT).  At the time Dr. Davison was the Waterloo representative of the National Research Council, and he was instrumental in helping local companies, like RIM,  get grants under the Industrial Research Assistant Program.

The other day TheRecord, a local Kitchener-Waterloo news publication, wrote a story about how RIM had quietly honored Dr. Davison by hanging a plaque in their boardroom.  Without the help and encouragement of Dr. Davison there is no telling where RIM would be today, perhaps they would not have seen the growth that they did in the 90′s and may have succumbed to the pressure of an ever expanding tech sector.  All that we do know is that thanks to help from people like Dr. Davison, RIM is here and is providing us all with a smartphone platform that is continuing to grow each and every day.  To read the full article from TheRecord you can so here.