BIS 4.1 Comes Out In Sept For Asia And Europe, October For North America

The BIS 4.1 update will be spread out amongst the regions. After some delays, we have the confirmed dates.

The scheduling is as follows:

Asia Pacific Sept 10th
Europe Sept 23rd
North America October 10th

Hit the break for the features and updates

Product Overview

BlackBerry® Internet Service Email 4.1 (BIS-E 4.1) represents the latest service update to RIM’s retail email offering targeted at the Prosumer segment. BIS-E 4.1 introduces Message Improvements, Inbox Priming, BIS Account Management Updates, Carrier Admin Reporting, and additional language support.

Product Features

* Improved large email and native attachment support
Subscribers using BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry® 7 installed can receive email messages that are up to 11MB in size, download attachments in their original format that are up to 8MB in size and view up to 300KB in an HTML email message
* No interruption to email flow on SIM swap
Subscribers who insert a new SIM card in to their BlackBerry smartphone, including SIM cards from a different wireless service provider, no longer experience email flow interruptions.
* Inbox priming for new account integrations
When a subscriber adds an email address to a smartphone, the inbox on the subscriber’s smartphone is pre-populated with up to 20 existing email messages from the email account.
* Support staff reporting tool
Using the BlackBerry Internet Service administration website, administrators can generate reports on support staff member accounts. Reports include user, group, and account information.
* Additional language support
Latvian and Lithuanian are supported by the BlackBerry Internet Service. Emails received in these languages can now be viewed on BlackBerry smartphones.