[UPDATED] BattleBallz Chaos Updated to v1.5 – Now A Paid Upgrade?!?

[UPDATE] @PocketeersLtd tweeted us to let us know that the upgrade to v1.5 should be free. They Have contacted BlackBerry support and are working on this issue

Last week we told you about Free BattleBallz Chaos Game from Pocketeers, well BattleBallz Chaos has received an update to v1.5. Here is the interesting part, I downloaded the game last week for free and now when I try to do the upgrade it is wanting me to pay $1.99 for the game. That just plain sucks… All in all this game is very cool and fun to play so I just went ahead and purchased it.

BattleBallz uses and shows off some of what can be done for developers using Marmalade. Feed those restless fingers with this action packed arcade game for 1-2 players. Do battle across a danger ridden battlefield. Earn achievements, poach power-ups and beat your opponent into submission with the following features:

  • Single (against AI computer) and multiplayer (1-2 players)
  • Variety of game modes
  • 4 modes of difficulty (play as a Sunday Driver or a Need for Speed freak!)
  • Tutorial mode
  • New features and hazards added as you progress
  • Around 80 different achievements that can be earned
  • Pick-ups to help / hinder players such as barriers, shrink enemy, grow player, freeze wave and more
  • Easy controls using tap slide and slam
  • 10, 20 and 30 round games to suit your time
  • Stats tracking to help you measure and improve your performance or prove how badly you just beat your friend
  • Great graphics, music and effects
  • Cool sci-fi theme
  • Suitable for adults and children of all skill levels

Download Battle Ballz from Blackberry App World