Report: RIM, Bell, Rogers, and Telus make Canada’s Top Brand List

Brand Finance has put together a list of the top 15 brand in Canada. The report caculates the strength of a brand based on the “detailed economic data, infrastructure data and perceptual market research data to rate and then value each nation brand”. Being it that a few carriers made this list as well as the move up by Bell, Canada’s 2nd largest carrier, being it to be the strongest wireless brand. Rogers coming in at  9th and TELUS at 13th.

Research In Motion, still made this list but slid 5 spots and this is what the press release stated, “Blackberry’s dramatic decline comes as other handset providers are encroaching on the traditional B2B space, impacting handset sales. But with news of  the updated v2.0 to the Blackberry Playbook, and the anouncement of Blackberry QNX OS phones to be showcased at DevCon, it will be interesting to see just where RIM lands on the list.