RBC Gives 4 Insights to RIM’s future


With doubt in the news of if and when RIM will rise up and be a great player that it once used to be, one analyst has given his insight on just how it can be done.  RBC analyst Mike Abramsky and Paul Treiber, who say there are 4 areas that RIM needs to do to be in the game and once again be the dominant player.

- 1. Backwards-Looking, Uncompetitive Products and Software. Four years after iPhone launched, RIM still hasn’t launched competitive Smartphone innovations or addressed its ‘app gap’. With QNX, we believe RIM needs to renew its focus on innovative, bold user experiences.

- 2. Marketing and Launch Execution. RIM continues to ship products late (e.g., Blackberry 7) and incomplete (PlayBook minus 3G/email, underpowered Torch 1; Torch 9850/9860 with inferior virtual keyboard, etc.). RIM needs to improve execution as competitors are bringing their ‘A’ game, and have out-maneuvered RIM on marketing, positioning it as passé.

- 3. Investor Credibility/Visibility. RIM’s apparent inability to offer reliable guidance (including Q2 miss and retracting over-optimistic projections) has created, in our opinion, a formidable credibility gap with the investment community that needs correcting.

- 4. Governance. To us, RIM’s board has an opportunity to take a more active role in providing a ‘check and balance’ on key management decisions.

I have to agree with Abramsky’s belief in the power of the new QNX phones as they will be a deciding and pivotal point for RIM.  Personally I belive there is still hope for RIM and that with their “in Motion” approach much is to come about from the Waterloo-based Canadian company and they are in striking distance of the leaders in the mobile technology game.

What do you think of the 4 Insight to RIM’s future?