RIM announces 9 more Hackathons in various cities around the world

With the success of the NYC Hackathon that took place about a month ago, RIM had said that they were dedicated to do many more in the future.  Well RIM has announced today 9 more Hackathons in cities around the world.  Here is the list of the next 9 Hackathons,

  • Waterloo September 28-29, 2011
  • Toronto October 6-7, 2011
  • Chicago Dates and details coming soon
  • San Francisco Dates and details coming soon
  • Jakarta Dates and details coming soon

  • Boston Dates and details coming soon
  • Mexico City Dates and details coming soon
  • London UK Dates and details coming soon
  • Amsterdam Dates and details coming soon

The Waterloo event is open to residents of the US and Canada and there will be a contest from RIM for 30 chances (+10 wild card entries) to win an invite to the event.  There will of course be some other perks like a one night stay at the Destination Inn in Waterloo and a BlackBerry Prize pack!  These Hackathons are a great way for developers to share ideas and expand on the possibilities of BBM integration of your app.  So if you are a developer and thinking about going to one of these make sure you check out all the details here.