Blaq For BlackBerry PlayBook Update to v1.5 Coming Soon w/Change Log

Blaq has taken on a new owner Kisai Labs! Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook was last updated to to v1.1 back on July 8th. Kisai Labs has sent the updated version of Blaq over to the BlackBerry App World and it should be available today or tomorrow! Blaq for the PlayBook is a full feature Twitter client.


For the update you will need to delete the old version off of the PlayBook. The vendor/developer has changed to you will see the icon show up twice.

What’s New?


  • Refreshing new icon - Crisp lines, bold colors. Baselime has done it again.
  • Native notifications – Native notifications provide an easy way of knowing when you need to get back to Blaq. It’s also configurable. More on that later.

Main View

  • Real-time Indicator – To make it easy to understand if your tweets are updating in real time, we’ve added a convenient indicator.
  • Read without interruption – Timelines (Home, Mentions and Direct Messages) now pause once you being scrolling so you have a chance to catch up without new tweets pushing you down.


  • Link Bar Code – now you can scan a bar code of a link in a tweet with two taps.
  • Translate – Sometimes you just need to know what was said by another user in another language.
  • Solid states for retweet and favorite – Now you’ll know for sure.

View Tweets, Followers, Listed and Following

  • Now you can tap on tweets, followers or following for any user. Just click a user’s name or search for it and tap on the tweet count, follower count or following count to check it out!


  • General

    • Keep screen on – It is now possible to keep the screen on while reading tweets. Don’t forget to charge, though.
  • Notifications

    • Toggle all – Turn native notifications on or off with one tap or toggle the following:
      • New Tweets
      • New Mentions
      • New Direct Messages
      • New Followers – Yep, notification of new followers – right within Blaq
  • Accounts
    • Add a new account
    • Set the current account (account switch)
    • Delete account
  • Appearance

    • Font - Make Blaq yours. Customize your font to change things up a bit.
    • Font Size – Default font too small? Make it bigger? It’s that simple.

Bug Fixes

  • White screen encountered when device time is incorrect (DST workaround)
  • User can only tweet 139 characters instead of 140
  • Increase tweet count in lists (now at 75 tweets)
  • WebView pops up when no link in tweet
  • Convo view height not restored after pull down on tweet card
  • Performance sluggish when scrolling timelines
  • Times on display and in timelines are not updated
  • Search results are cleared and public timeline shows. Previous results are kept and updated.
  • Compose Tweet character count inaccurate
  • Report and Block buttons sometimes not functional
  • Friend picker shows below tweet card when composing a new tweet
  • Direct Message icon showing as new for direct messages sent outside of application
  • Tweet card pulls down for compose when scrolling convo list
  •  Keyboard disappears when selecting a friend from friend picker
  • Timelines randomly scroll to the bottom
  • Application does not reorient itself when device is upside down
  • Conversation view takes a long time to load
  • Minor internal issues
Add these features to the already full featured app here. Here’s the features it already has:
  • Beautiful, intuitive user interface
  • REAL-TIME userstream support
  • Native or editable retweet support (hold down on RT to edit)
  • Reply all (Hold down on Reply icon)
  • In-app notifications
  • Username auto-completion
  • Full user profile view
  • Web and image previews within Blaq
  • View your lists curated from
  • Multi-account support
  • Search people and tweets
  • In-app support for all 211 services (YouTube, Tumblr, Posterous, SoundCloud, etc.) – Full list here:
  • URL shortening with the custom shortener
  • Photo posting
When the app is fully updated in App World, you should receive a notification if you have it already. If you don’t have it yet, now’s a good time to check it out. Blaq is available in the BlackBerry App World for only $1.99. This updated version is really a great stride from the previous version, and we know you’ll like the changes. Jerome and the Kisai Labs team have done a great job with this newer version. If you love Twitter, you’ll really love Blaq.
Download your copy of Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook from BlackBerry App World here