Leaked Wind Mobile roadmap shows the BlackBerry Bold 9900, 9790 and the Torch 9810

If you happen to live in Canada and are somewhere where Wind Mobile has coverage then this may be of some interest.  A leaked roadmap for Wind shows that they are planning on releasing three new BlackBerry devices sometime in the near future.  The three devices listed on the roadmap are the Bold 9900 and 9790 as well as the torch 9810.  The one of real interest here is the Bold 9790 that has not officially been announced by RIM and is still being debated amongst the BlackBerry faithful as to what exactly it will consist of, touchscreen or no touchscreen?  Sadly the one device on this roadmap that doesn’t have specs listed is the 9790, so it looks like we are still going tom have to wait a little longer for those.  Hopefully we will hear something very soon regarding the Bold 9790, and then Wind can get a move on releasing all three of these devices.