BeBuzz Updated to v4.0.87 w/ Change Log

BeBuzz has been updated v4.0.87! The BeBuzz application lets you customize your BlackBerry’s LED and more check out the description after the break!

What’s New in v4.0.87?

  • Fixed long playing reminder ringtones not stopping right away when notification is cleared
  • Improved detection of ScoreMobile
  • Improved detection of Nimbuzz

Download BeBuzz v4.0.87 from Blackberry App World

Control your BlackBerry’s front LED color to see who is contacting you without picking up the phone! Green for calls from your boss, pink for e-mails from your girlfriend, blue for BBM messages and red/yellow when your battery is low.

BeBuzz is the most feature packed and customizable LED notifier app. Only BeBuzz adds unique features like Repeating Audible Notifiers, On-Screen Popup Notifiers and Vibrate-While-Ringing.

With more than 10 Million downloads and multiple awards BeBuzz is one of the most popular apps for BlackBerry smartphones ever!

* Supported 3rd party apps: AIM, AP Mobile News, BeReader, BeWeather, BeejiveIM, BerryReview Mobile, BlackBerry News Feeds, Blaq, Chat for Facebook Pro, crunchSMS, eBay, Facebook, GoogleMail, GoogleTalk, GoogleVoice, GroupMe, ICQ, IM+, Improved Chat for Facebook, Kik Messenger, LiveProfile, MSN Messenger, MeterBerry, MySpace, Nimbuzz, OS 6 Social Feeds, OpenBeak, Pingchat, Pocket Informant, Skype, ScoreMobile, SocialScope, Soti Pocket Controller Pro, TheBirthdayApp, Trillian, TweetGenius, Tweetissimo, Twitter, UberSocial, Viigo, Whatsapp, Yahoo! Messenger, YouMail.