RIM Announces BlackBerry Jam

Excitement consumes the attendees at DevCon 2011; serious amounts of new technology, new programming approaches and so much more. Today RIM announced BlackBerry Jam. BlackBerry Jam is a unique approach to developing for the BlackBerry platform. Read more after the break.

BlackBerry® Jam is designed to help you thrive and build businesses on the BlackBerry platform. It’s a collaborative approach to working with developers like you and the BlackBerry partner ecosystem.

Jamming is innovating together
Build and innovative on the BlackBerry® Application Platform in your development language of choice.

Jamming is collaborating together
Connect with experts, partners and the broader community to be more successful on the BlackBerry platform.

Jamming is creating success together
Get help to go to market, be more profitable and build your business.

RIM is and has been dedicated to making the developers a solid foundation when it comes to the way they create applications and develop for the future. This should be a very interesting new way to create and develop.

via N4BB