IA-Fitness Calculator App Launched Today, Free To Download In Blackberry App World

Another fitness app was added to Blackberry App World today. It is free to download and you can use it to calculate your strength.

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App Description

* Fitness Calculators are a easy and quick way to calculate your strength.

* The Fitness Calculators is a must have application for all.

* You can make the calculations quick & easy.

* This application having all most all useful Fitness calculators are available.

* You can perform bellow calculations:

Body Composition
Kid’s Body Composition
Target Weight
12 Minute Run
Distance Run
Treadmill Cardiovascular Test
Sit and Reach Flexibility Test
Pushup Test
YMCA Bench Press
Sit-up Test
Curl-up / Half Sit-up
Seniors Chair Stand Test
Seniors Arm Curl Test
Predicting One-rep Max
Sprint Test
BMI Calculator
Waist Hip Ratio
Vitals (BP & HR)
Target Heart Rate Range
Vertical Jump Test
• Calculations are very accurate and easy to use.

* This application runs in offline, So no need to connect to the Internet.

The Fitness information given on this application is of a general nature, at best. Health professionals (such as doctors, physicians, nurses, pharmacists/chemists…) have studied how to solve such problems. The information on a fitness subject present in this application cannot replace the advice of a fitness guide/trainer . This application is not a doctor.

Get it from Blackberry App World.