BBM Challenge Council Proteges have been chosen, let the games begin!

If you aren’t familiar with the BBM Challenge Council it is “celebrities” from various walks of life chosen to mentor a BBM loving protegé in a series of challenges.  The protegé’s will complete challenges and the voting will be opened to the public.  In the end the winner will get a free BlackBerry smartphone and will also receive a trip to meet their Council Celebrity in person.

For Challenge 1, Protégés will show unique perspectives to wow the celeb BBM Challenge Council Members and get your votes. From creating the perfect playlist to starting next season’s latest trend, the teams will need to show the world what their point of view is all about.

This is yet another good move on RIM’s part to really focus on the aspect of the BlackBerry ecosystem that keeps people believing, BBM.  For more details on the BBM Challenge Council you can click here.