Show Me the Images Gets Updated to v1.3.42 – Now Supports BlackBerry 7

Tired of having to wait to get home to see the images in that e-mail? Too many steps to show them even if you wanted to? Enter Show Me the Images! By default, BlackBerry devices are set to defer image downloads in e-mail messages until the user goes to the menu and clicks “Get Images”. What if you wanted more control?

Show Me The Images automatically downloads images in your e-mails without you needing to hit that “Get Images” menu item. You could set it not to download automatically, download based on a safe list of e-mail addresses (default) or download no matter who the contact is.

Once installed, a convenient menu item is added to your address book and messages application (when you open an e-mail) that allow you to add and remove contacts easily. An entry is also added to your BlackBerry Options screen to control the entire application.

Add your family members, colleagues your critical eBay e-mails, weekly flyer and more!

FIXED: issue with images not loading on Torch devices
– NOTE: BlackBerry OS versions to do not work with this application. Please upgrade to a newer version first.

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FIXED: Images not showing in G-mail-based e-mail accounts (OS 5.0)
FIXED: Images not showing in some e-mails (most for a few people)
FIXED: On restore, if safelist and blocklist exists, all addresses are duplicated

** Added 5-day trials for all OS versions


ADDED : Automatic backup with restore – To use this feature, you have to make sure you do not save ANY options or add anyone new to safelist before restoring. To restore, open application via icon and press Menu > Restore.

ADDED: Safe List Bar – A convenient bar is placed within your e-mail client for fast addition of new addresses to safelist.

** The bar will only display in safelist mode.

ADDED: Attachment Download folder – You can now choose which folder to download your attachments to!

ADDED: Partial Match on Safelist/Blocklist – You can now add full domains or full addresses.

ADDED: Compatibility with OS 4.5
FIXED: Various bug fixes


– To add an item to your safe list, when in an e-mail, click “Show me the images” in the menu.

– You can also do the same from your address book.

– To edit your safe list or turn it off, see “Show Me The Images” in your BlackBerry Options Screen or the home screen icon.

** READ **

AS ALWAYS, UPDATES TO THIS APPLICATION ARE FREE. Features will be added (based on feedback) at no cost to you. If you have an issue, please contact Technical Support.

Lightweight (less than 100 KB)
Simple yet powerful
Automatic download of picture attachments (OS 5.0+)
Automatic download of images in HTML e-mails
Control of application via safe list
Efficient: Download only over WiFi to save on data charges
New features will be added all the time

** Show Me the Images is a Regional Selection for the BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge 2010! **


Check your Operating System (OS) version and make sure it matches the version you purchase. You can find this information by going to Options > About from your Home Screen.

*** Contact Technical Support if you have issues ***

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