NetQ – A Nexflix Queue Manager for the Blackberry Playbook

Love your Netflix? Wish you could update your queve on the go? Now you can on your Blackberry Smartphone.With NetQ you can connect to your Netflix Queue and update your Netflix Queue on the go.


  • Range of keyboard shortcuts (visit the Options screen for a list)
  • Set/change format (DVD/Blu-ray)
  •  search IMDb (either through the Browser or the IMDb Android app)
  • search from Quick Search Box (Google Search widget)
  • browse by genre
  • search titles,instant titles
  • separate wifi/3G/edge settings
  • long press a movie title in a list for available options
  • in a movie’s details screen you can press the box art to open the Netflix webpage for the movie
  • view similar titles
  • view Netfix’s Recommendations for you
  • Instant Only Mode

Grab the NetQ app from our Nerdberry App Store