Petition to get BlackBerry Themes on BlackBerry 7 Before Mid-2012!

Well RIM’s new VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, revealed the time frame for an update to the Theme Studio software to allow developers to make themes for BlackBerry 7 devices.  Sadly it appears that we will have to wait until mid 2012 before we see custom themes hit any of the BlackBerry 7 devices. Please hit the break and sign the Petition to get Theme Studio 7 up and running before mid-2012!

Another interesting tidbit for BlackBerry developers: Though a compatibility issue with the new “Liquid Graphics” engine in the BlackBerry 7 OS has kept RIM from releasing BlackBerry Theme Studio tools for the latest BlackBerry OS, Saunders says these tools will become available mid-2012, he says. (RIM has an internal theme building tool, which is how the company built the custom “Porsche” theme used on the new, limited edition BlackBerry P’9981 device, but the tool is not available to developers outside of RIM, according to Saunders.)

As one theme developer put it:

They don’t need anymore bad press and they make money off of theme developers…they are restricting the developers ability to generate income yet they are the ones who have solicited developers to come on board! They don’t want a group of people on their front lawn with the press there. Besides themes have always been a part of blackberrys and the consumer who buys their devices are not getting all the options RIM promises to them… RIM has solicited developers…we have come on board and now they are refusing to provide the tools to develop… that the consumer is not getting what they are paying for…its like buying Windows and having no programs available…all we are asking for is what they advertised to developers, yes even us lowly theme developers! That’s the way RIM is treating us right.

BBE Kris:

Kris here, from BBE. I’ve been chatting with fellow BlackBerry users, blog writers, theme devs over the recent theme delay issue. We feel that this is unacceptable. Between all of us, we need RIM to hear us out and know that this is unacceptable. We want to petition RIM for OS7 themes NOW! I feel we have a good shot at getting heard with this petition!

I have been speaking with several theme developers as well as other BlackBerry bloggers and we agree we need to stand up for what we have been promised from RIM! Please retweet this post an use the hashtag #OccupyRIM



  • Give us THEME BUILDER 7!!!!

  • Not a big deal to me. I understand theme developers being upset but if RIM tanks, they wont be able to make themes anyways. So RIM, focus on the important things and keep “themes” as a low priority.

  • Robjohn2010

    I love themes – i download more themes than games – themes made my blackberry cool!!!!