BlackBerry Leads the Pack on Vodacom! – 1.5 Million Device’s Strong!

In an article from My Broadband, states that Vodacom has 1.5 million BlackBerry devices on their network, compared to about 200,000 Android devices and 200,000 iPhones.

Vodacom said today (7 November 2011) that BlackBerry devices are still dominating the local smartphone market despite strong growth from Android devices and the iPhone.

Vodacom said that the appetite for smartphones amongst their customer base is very strong, with active smartphones on the network increasing by approximately 870,000 over the last six months to 4.1 million.

“While mobile broadband devices still account for the majority of data traffic on our network, the growth rate of smartphone data traffic is ten times higher than that of dongles and other modems,” said Vodacom CEO Pieter Uys

BlackBerry still dominates

Vodacom revealed that they currently have 1.5 million BlackBerry devices on their network, compared to roughly 200,000 Android devices and also 200,000 iPhones.

The average data usage for smartphones on the Vodacom network is 80MB. This is less than the average dongle usage of 500MB, but far higher than the 20MB which is typically consumed by users of feature phones.

Vodacom said that BlackBerry continues to show the fastest growth on their network.

So 1.5 million BlackBerry devices on their network is huge! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!