Contact Cleaner App for BlackBerry- Free Sprint Promo

Mulitple contacts are one of the biggest annoyances to BlackBerry users. Most of us have had to manually delete them from our phones or log into our email accounts and hope that the merging function does what is is supposed to.  Contact Cleaner by Beaver Creek Consulting fixes all of those issues and gives you the time you spent doing that back.

Sprint has made this app free to thier customers for the time being.  There has been no mention of when this promotion will end.  In addition you may not have to be a Sprint “customer” to take advantage of this promotion.  If you head to over to this link you can download it for free.  Here is the description from App World:

Contacts Cleaner finds and merges duplicate contacts in your address book.  Contacts Cleaner is an easy way to fix a large address book bloated with many duplicate contacts.  With a single click Contacts Cleaner quickly and efficiently eliminates duplicate contacts.
Contacts Cleaner is intended to quickly and significantly reduce the clutter in your address book. As such, it is completely automated and does not pause for guidance on how to merge contacts. Contacts Cleaner will processes your entire address book in one pass.
The cleaning process first identifies duplicate contacts.  Duplicate contacts have the same name  first and/or last name for persons, and company name for organizations .  Then, within each pair of duplicates, one contact is selected as the duplicate and the other contact is retained in the address book.  The data contained in the duplicate contact is copied over to the retained contact.  Finally, the duplicate contact is then removed from the address book.

If you have any questions on the application you can head to the developer’s website.