Kobo Not Working for You, We Want a Fix!

With the weather outside getting frightful, and the PlayBook being so delightful thought I would sit in and pass time with a good eBook. And why not with my Blackberry PlayBook and the native eReader app Kobo! Except one thing, it has not been working!!! Hit the break for more info and a poll!

When I fired up the Kobo app and go to my library it just hangs there, as if it’s trying to do something and still nothing. I even left my PlayBook on all night and to allow the app to communicate with the servers and download my books into my library, and that was a NO GO!!!

I even considered completely wiping my PlayBook which you can learn how if you ever need it. But then again maybe the issue has to do with them recently getting bought out by Rakuten? In any event its my eBooks and I need them Now!!! But then I withdrew the amnesia claim, for my PlayBook and thought I would ask my fellow Nerds is Kobo not working for you and if so Kobo can we get a fix? Soon?

[polldaddy poll=5656306]