BlackBerry Protect Revamps Webpage with new design and features

Blackberry Protect is a great application for backing up and recovering your Blackberry Smartphone. Today the Blackberry Protect website has been updated, and it really is simpler with the new revamped page. Allowing and making it easier for Blackberry users can make protecting their Blackberry easier. Hit the jump for more details. Blackberry Protect allows you to backup the majority of the information on your device remotely and you can even wipe remotely as well, just in case you misplace you Berry and can’t find it.  However not being able to find your BlackBerry is something else that Protect looks to help you with, as once you have downloaded the app and signed in you can go to the website from a PC and log in and track down your Berry, and even make it emit a loud noise to help you find it.  All the backups can be set to happen in the background, either daily/weekly/monthly, whatever you feel is necessary.

Check out the new Blackberry Protect Page here