Pinball HD Deluxe For The Playbook, Available For Download

Pinball Deluxe HD was just launched for the Playbook. The difference between this one and a regular pinball game is the colors are crisp and vibrant. A lot nicer to look at. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on game play!

Game Description:

Pinball Deluxe HD is a pinball game featuring 5 different tables – more are added regularly. Each table plays very differently and has a unique style: Brix, Wild West, Carnival, Space and Underwater.

Some of the features of Pinball Deluxe HD:
– Gorgeous graphics
– Great gameplay
– Very precise physics
– Minigames to play on the matrix display
– Each table has a unique play style
– All the elements you expect from a pinball game: nudges, ball captures, multi balls, mini games and some unique variations
– Creative use of all the features of the device to bring you a better pinball experience: vibration, sounds effects, shaking.

Get it from Blackberry App World for $4.99.