Blackberry 7 Device Sales Are Slowing Down

Sales of the Blackberry 7 devices have slowed down due to the recent launch of the iPhone 4S and various Android phones.

Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley said:
“Our recent checks indicate slowing sell-through trends for the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones the past couple weeks,” the analyst wrote. “Further, with the launch of the iPhone 4S, increasingly price competitive Android smartphones, improving Windows smartphones, and the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, we anticipate increasing competition across all tiers of RIM’s products in C2012.”

Even though BBX smartphones are expected to launch in 2012,they are still a ways away. With RIM’s stock falling, they better get a move on.


  • RIM needs to release a smart phone that has unique features that other smart phones don’t have now the only advantage they have is BBM.