Kobo eBook Reader gets Updated to v1.3.1

Kobo the popular eBook Reader app native to the Blackberry Playbook has been updated to version 1.3.1 no changelog with this update but it may fix a few bug that users have had and this update definitely works, as before when it wasn’t working nor downloading books. Hit the jump to update your Kobo application.

With Kobo, reading couldn’t be easier. Choose from over 2.2 million affordable titles, including 1 million FREE, Kobo Store. Previews make finding the perfect book even easier, and text options let you control the reading experience. Read the books you want, the way you want.

Some highlights …
• It’s easy to add books, and just as easy to read them
• Adjustable text guarantees an enjoyable reading experience
• Millions of free and affordable books available in the Kobo Store
• Offline reading lets you download and read books wherever you go
• SD support lets you carry more books
• Automatic bookmarking means you’ll never lose your place
• Bluetooth® support lets you sync your Kobo eReader wirelessly

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