Details, Slides & Screenshots for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

RIM has completed their webcast from today and unfortunately I was unable to attend. Berry Review was able to get some info on BlackBerry Mobile Fusion posted.

  • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will be offered in closed beta in January and will LAUNCH in late March. There are currently some limited beta trials going on.
  • RIM has drastically expanded the number of devices that can be managed per server with Mobile Fusion. In their tests the Fusion system can handle up to 10,000 devices per server which is 10 times the current BES limits.
  • There is no limit to the number of devices that can be assigned to a user. As you can see in the screenshot that user has 4 devices. In other words there is no one to one user to device relationship.
  • Mobile Fusion adds employee self service for many things for both smartphone and PlayBook users.
  • Current enterprise solutions for employee owned devices are what RIM calls a “crippled experience” that limits the functionality of the device or makes the enterprise data live in a limited box.
  • The Balance technology in Fusion and the PlayBook & BBX devices will make this separation of work and personal data without compromises. It also offers clear indicators of what is going on (see the slide screenshots)

Alan from RIM went in to a Q&A session. Here are the answers:

  • There is no pricing officially announced yet but it will be “very competitive”
  • The Fusion server will fully support virtualization and can share the SQL server with your BES 5.0.3 server
  • There is no hard limit on how many devices can be assigned to a user
  • We will support other systems beyond iOS and Android if we see enough customer demand
  • QNX and BBX phones will work with Fusion
  • Push email on the PlayBook. Alan was coy answering this one saying that it would have the “same experience making use of RIM’s strengths”

If you are interested in taken part in the beta Alan stated to contact your RIM rep and ask to take part.