Pinbook Beta 2 is Now in the BlackBerry App World!

Pinbook Beta 2 is now in the BlackBerry App World!The Pinbook is a social application that allows anyone to reach out and meet new people. Designed to be compatible with BBM™, Pinbook allows you to connect with other BBM™ users through the new BBM™ Connected feature. Working along with the BBM™ social platform, Pinbook easily integrates with your BBM™ to add new friends.

Pinbook automatically matches you to users with similar characteristics as you. Other users may also find you with Pinbook, just fill in as many characteristics about yourself as possible. These characteristics include your:

  • Age
  • Country
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Location
  • Time-Zone

Connect yourself with Pinbook and socialize with new friends!

Latest Changes:

  • “Like” Pinbook Users: Allows you to “Like” another fellow Pinbook user if you want to compliment him/her or enjoy speaking with them. 
  • Improved Performance: faster loading / shorter list times.
  • Great new User Interface: An easy to read profile for each user. Clearly displays their country, gender and local time as well as likes, and activity time in an organized format. The new interface allows all the details of each user to be easily, and quickly read by you.
  • Privacy is Paramount: Ability to deny BBM invitations and Pin Messages from other Pinbook users. You are now able to deactivate your account right inside Pinbook, if you wish to leave Pinbook.
  • Invite Friends: You may invite up to 5 BBM friends to Pinbook. Please choose wisely.


Minimum Requirements:
BlackBerry OS 6.0 and above
BBM™ and above

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Download from App World: Pinbook Beta 2
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