GeeReader for the PlayBook gets a PRO Version!

GeeReader has been available for the BlackBerry PlayBook for sometime now, we the developers of GeeReader have introduced a PRO version of their application. GeeReader is a touch optimized Google Reader client for Google Reader power users. Highly optimized feed item loading and parsing to reduce bandwidth usage and to improve download speeds.
Innovative UI allowing you to quickly work through 100s of Feed Subscrioptions with 1000s of feed items.

Direct Integration and syncing with you Google Reader account

  • Collapse a folder in GeeReader and the folder will be collapsed on the Google Reader website on refresh.
  • View your feed subscriptions in the order that you’ve configured on the Google Reader website.
  • Read, Starred, Kept Unread item statuses are synced immediately


  • Portrait mode
  • Basic feed subscription management
  • Filter feed subscriptions to only show those with unread items
  • Filter the feed item list to only show unread items.
  • Mark all items in a feed as read.
  • Star Items for reading later
  • Sort feed items by “Newest First” or “Oldest First”.
  • View the article detail in a maximized window.
  • Click on the article title to View the full article in the system web browser.
  • A “Mark Above as Read” function allowing you to quickly mark the items that you’ve scrolled passed as read.
  • Customize the feed item loading batch size to get through large amounts of items quicker
  • Choose between the “Lite” or “Mobi.” (Instapaper Mobilizer) or “Full” article view to maximise your experience depending on connection speed or reading preference.
  • Choose the default article font size and font when using “Lite” article view mode

Exclusive to PRO Version

  • Powerful sharing function allowing you to share Items directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts from within GeeReader itself *
  • Direct integration with your WordPress Blog via XML-RPC including support for adding categories and tags directly from GeeReader itself.
  • Share to your Twitter accounts, Facebook account, and WordPress Blog at the same time with one operation
  • Shorten the article URLs when needed using Google URL shortening service integration
  • The advertising bar at the bottom of the feed item list is removed.

* You can add multiple Twitter accounts but only one Facebook account profile for now.

Get GeeReader PRO in app world for only $1.99