BlackBerry Java SDK v7.1 Now Out of Beta

We told you a while back that the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.1 had enter beta. Well the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.1 is officially out of beta! The BlackBerry® Java® SDK v7.1 builds upon the APIs and tools released with the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0. The SDK allows developers to utilize several new key hardware features available on BlackBerry smartphones with 7.1 software, namely, the FM Radio tuner and Near Field Communication (NFC) P2P functionality. APIs have been added in this release to integrate with the new hardware, provide new functionality to developers and resolve some of the existing issues identified by the developer community.

Major new features include

The NFC Peer-to-Peer API allows applications to share files and other data through NFC technology initiated communication with Bluetooth® handover.

FM Radio
The FM Radio API is designed to give applications the ability to manipulate FM tuner settings on BlackBerry smartphones with supporting hardware.

Profiles API
The Profiles API brings more Super App features to applications, allowing them to query current profile settings and adjust their own application behavior accordingly or, conversely, intelligently change the current profile to match the user’s current activities.

Other new features included in the SDK

  1. Magnetometer — calibration changes
  2. ICCID of SIM

Download the BlackBerry Java 7.1 SDK