Jaguar Corp’s CEO Vic Alboini Still Not Done Talking About RIM Selling The Handset Business

I think Vic Alboini really wants RIM to sell their handset business. He has already talked about RIM on several different occasions just this year alone.

His comments:
Vic Alboini, Chairman and CEO of Jaguar stated: “At this point we believe investors have lost faith in the ability of the RIM management team to carry out a proper game plan to restore value. Unless the independent directors push to replace management or change RIM’s strategic focus, Jaguar believes that the road map to value restoration lies in a sale of RIM whether as a whole or in separate parts.”

He also talks about RIM Board Members Barbara Stymiest and Dean Roger Martin “stepping up”.

Jaguar calls upon Barbara Stymiest to draw upon her experience and cause significant change in corporate governance. Ms. Stymiest was former Chief Operating Officer and also former Group Head, Strategy, Treasury and Corporate Services at the Royal Bank of Canada, and previously President and CEO of the TSX Group Inc. Both of her former employers are seriously dedicated to implementing appropriate corporate governance practices. In fact Ms. Stymiest lists “Corporate Governance” as an area of expertise in the 2011 RIM Management Information Circular (“RIM Circular”).

Jaguar also calls upon Dean Roger Martin to persuade his co-directors that significant change is necessary. Mr. Martin is the Dean at the Rotman School of Management (“Rotman”) at the University of Toronto and also joined the RIM Board in 2007 when there was no Chairman. Rotman prides itself as an educational leader in corporate governance, and Mr. Martin’s brief biography on the Rotman website speaks to his expertise in Thinking, Business Design, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Country Competitiveness.

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