BlackBerry Brand Voted Second Most Aspirational Brand in India

There are a lot of folks that think RIM is circling the drain and will not be around much longer.  Most of those nay sayers only take the US into account when they make these assumptions.  Like most companies RIM’s size they are a global company reaching to many different areas of the world.  With keeping this in mind, BlackBerry was voted as the second most aspirational brand in India, second only to Samsung.  I think that’s a pretty damn good achievement for a company that is “circling the drain”.   In addition to that achievement RIM was also recognized as one of the most visible brands in 2011.

Overall I think RIM has a long way to go before they are considered a dying brand, but yes they need to innovate and do some better marketing on the North American front if they want to still have a foothold in the American market.