Rumor: RIM Could License BlackBerry 10 To Other Manufacturers Like HTC and Samsung?

There is a new rumor circling the interwebs today, this time RIM may be thinking about licensing BlackBerry 10 to other manufactures. Jim Balsillie stated the the new BlackBerry 10 devices would “leap frog” the competition when they are released… With everything RIM has been faced with in 2011 licensing BlackBerry 10 to other manufactures could be one of their smartest moves yet.

The future of RIM depends on the what and how they launch the next generation BlackBerry 10 devices. The devices are rumored to be as follows: London, Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, and Black Forest. Now we told you yester day the the BlackBerry Milan had been cancelled due to hardware issue again a rumor... “Peter Misek, a analyst from Jefferies & Co., has stated that he believes RIM has, or will, start to licence the BlackBerry 10 OS to other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC.”

“We think some of this has already been started with RIM likely agreeing to license Blackberry 10 to Samsung, HTC, and possibly others. This would help create a critical mass for the ecosystem and maintain RIM’s monthly service revenue; however, it puts more pressure on the hardware business in the short term. Longer term, it possibly gets people hooked on the RIM ecosystem and may in fact allow them to sell more BB 10 handsets (if they are able to create compelling handsets).”

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