RIM Being Asked For Info From Pakistan On Memogate

RIM is in a scandal, and it’s about the Pakistani Military.


The Pakistani commission investigating a memo that was supposedly sent to the US government requesting “direct intervention from the US in combating the (Pakistani) military, which it claimed was plotting to bring down the civilian apparatus.” according to Information-Age.

Pakistan is asking RIM to “hand over records of conversation discussing US intervention in the country.”

“The scandal relates to the allegation, made last October by Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, that the government sought US assistance in overthrowing the country’s powerful military. ”

A judge in Pakistan ruled that RIM had to hand over the documents and RIM responded by saying:

“Like others in our industry, from time to time, we may receive requests from legal authorities for lawful access assistance,” RIM said in a statement. “We are guided by appropriate legal processes and publicly disclosed lawful access principles in this regard as we balance any such requests against our priority of maintaining the privacy rights of our users.”

RIM also spoke to the Guardian to defend their side:

“RIM told the Guardian that it has stuck to its core principles. “RIM maintains a consistent global standard for lawful access requirements that does not include special deals for specific countries,” a spokesman said, adding that it makes no changes to the security architecture for BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers.

“Contrary to any rumours, the security architecture is the same around the world and RIM truly has no ability to provide its customers’ encryption keys. Also driving RIM’s position is the fact that strong encryption is a fundamental commercial requirement for any country to attract and maintain international business anyway and similarly strong encryption is currently used pervasively in traditional VPNs on both wired and wireless networks in order to protect corporate and government communications.”

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