Devs: RIM Details One of the Ways to Get Your App Featured in App World

RIM has not been very secretive when it comes to what needs to be done to get your apps featured in App World.  In one of their previous blog posts they published a cheat sheet on exactly what needed to be done to garner a spot on the top.  Here is the meaningful bits from the blog post regarding the feature spots in app world.

BlackBerry App World Promotion Opportunities

There are many opportunities for promoting great apps or content items on the BlackBerry App World storefront. All you need to do is submit a proposal including specifics on why your app is great, what you are doing to promote your app, and which countries and device models should be targeted in the promotional campaign. Submit your proposal today to

Please verify you have provided the following assets and information so your app is ready to be featured if/when the time comes:

  • Feature Image for your app (1920×1186.PNG) is uploaded on the BlackBerry App World vendor portal.
  • Feature Description (50 characters max) of your app is uploaded on the BlackBerry App World vendor portal in every language your app supports (e.g. if your app supports EFIGS languages, please provide feature descriptions in all 5 languages)
  • Illustrate that you are using the “Get it At BlackBerry App World” logo on your Web properties and linking it back to your app on BlackBerry App World – if you require this logo, or logos in other languages, please contact


There you have it folks, laid out plain and simple.  If you are a developer looking for an edge on the competition this may just be your golden ticket to the top.   Enjoy!