Was the Siemens SK65 with “BlackBerry Built-In” Thorsten Heins’ First BlackBerry?

RIM’s new CEO and President Thorsten Heins, used to be the former President of Mobile Phones at Siemens. During that time RIM partnered with Siemens and a few other manufacturers to create Blackberry Connect and Siemens and a few other vendors to create BlackBerry Connect handhelds and one of the The Siemens SK65 is the first mobile phone to feature BlackBerry Built-In™ technology and incorporates BlackBerry Email™, BlackBerry Calendar™ and BlackBerry Browser™ applications. Users get a full BlackBerry experience on a stylish Siemens business phone, including push-based wireless connectivity. The Siemens SK65 will be able to connect to BlackBerry services via both BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ and BlackBerry Web Client™.

Within the press release of the Siemens SK65 Thorsten Heins commented on the design of the Siemens device with Blackberry Built in:

  • Thorsten Heins, President of Mobile Phones within Siemens mobile, commented: “The SK65 is an ingenious all-in-one solution for business professionals that need to stay in control and informed wherever they travel. With a full set of messaging features it means you have more flexibility about where and when you work. Additionally, we have designed the SK65 to offer a contemporary, yet timeless design for professionals who expect outstanding quality in looks and performance.” From the launch of the SK65 and the announcement of the SK65.

So it seems that Thorsten has a very good understanding of how to implement the Blackberry OS platform onto other makers without actually losing its exclusivity on the device platform.