Join the Skype Petition for the Blackberry Playbook

Since a few of the leaked slides of when the Blackberry Playbook was to be release, it was and is still rumored to have Skype. As yet there still isn’t a Skype video chat application on any Blackberry device. A group of BlackBerry users have gotten together to appeal to Skype’s CEO and Vice President on February 1st to bring Skype to the our beloved BlackBerry PlayBook. You can join their appeal which started on CrackBerry forums on both Facebook and Twitter!

So come on #TeamBlackberry lets band together and get Skype on our Playbooks




  • wot is the ceo of bb doing about bring skype to bb users the only thing that i see is the ceo is bringing more frustration for bb users is by not bringing skype to bb users and nothing concerns him about the consumers feeling

  • Claude Hebert

    Please bring SKYPE to Playbook. I want to stay Canadian by being loyal yo Balckberry; but, if BB hasn’t made a deal with SKYPE by Xmas 2012, I will go on to an Andriod device.