Megadrive DGEN Emulator for SEGA Genesis has been Ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Megadrive DGEN emulator has been ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook! What is Megadrive? Megadrive is SEGA Genesis  Emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook! Just the other day we saw ans NES emulator ported to the PlayBook.

Froggyface is the developer behind this new emulator. Duke @OpensourceBB saw the new project (GitHub) and the developer announcing the port on his blog. The emulator is based on DGen SDL which is an opensource emulator for the Sega Genesis. As of now the emulator is limited but according to BerryReview “they are on Trevor Nunes to do list!”


Visit MediaFire to download the DGEN emulator and find instructions on Trevor’s blog.