New Pre-release BlackBerry 10 OS Images Get Sneak Peek -Includes Widgets and Video Chat

We Nerds are so excited for what seems to be the first leaked photos of the new unreleased Blackberry 10 OS!!! These images gives us another #RIMgasm in what looks to be a beautiful new OS that we cannot wait to have in our hands! Hit the jump to get in and get a nice taste of all this Blackberry Goodness!

Ok RIM has teased us time and time again with the QNX to BBX to now what we know as Blackberry 10 OS! Not to mention the leaked image of what is said to be the first Blackberry 10 device! We have all patiently been sitting back wondering and anticipating to catch a small glimpse of the the new OS that will deliver for RIM in the 2012. Our friends over at CB have given us quite a few images that not only shows of Blackberry OS 10 to contain widgets but as well as integrated video chat. Blackberry OS 10 devices to receive video chat is no new news, but with a newly re-designed set of icons, along with many UI changes it is a beautiful implementation of what the current Blackberry Playbook OS on Blackberry Smartphones, should begin to look like in anticipation for the Blackberry Playbook OS 2.o that should be release in the next few days.

I just love what is to come about for new Blackberry OS 10 devices, what do you think of these images??