Personal Museum To Showcase Blackberry’s 13 Year Evolution Starts Feb 18th

That’s right, the Blackberry has been around for 13 years and the Personal Computer Museum wants to showcase it’s evolution. Starting Feb 18th, museum patrons can go check it out.
Syd Bolton, the museum curator, had to say about the exhibit:

“As Canadians, I think it’s really important for us to celebrate that we have this technology made right here in Canada,” says the museum curator, who is an IT manager at a pharmaceutical company by day. “It’s also one of very few Canadian companies that have achieved global penetration.”

Tracing the evolution of the BlackBerry, from black and white to colour to touchscreen, is also a reminder of how technology changes so quickly, he adds.

“We sometimes forget that RIM has gone through a lot of things and come up with a lot of innovations, though they need a kick in the [pants] from time to time to stay ahead of the curve,” says Bolton – who has an iPhone and Android phone as well as a BlackBerry.

But a lot of people who see the device today have no idea how far its come, he says.

The very first model, the “850,” was introduced in 1999 and ran on two AA batteries. It was really more like a pager than a phone, says Bolton.

“It’s incredible to say this phone right here could take on all the computers in this museum and win,” he said.

There are now more than 84 distinct BlackBerry phone models – and more than 20 will be displayed in the exhibit, he said.

The exhibit – developed with the help of 35 museum volunteers – opens on Feb. 18th at 10:00 a.m. Cellphones, or unwanted video games are also welcome as donations.