Contact Monkey: Simple Contact Management, No Monkey Business

Want a better way to handle your contacts on your Blackberry Smartphone well know you can with Contact Monkey, and no monkeying around to make this harder. ContactMonkey was born out of frustration. Copying and pasting people’s contact info from email signatures was simply too much of a pain.

“Being in sales and marketing I had simply gotten tired of cutting and pasting peoples contact details from emails, into my address book, which I was doing at least 3 to 5 times per day and it was frustrating.  Some people were including v-cards with their emails and that got me to thinking about it and how inefficient that was.   While V-cards are great for Outlook users,  gmail,, mobile devices, etc., are left out in many cases. I wanted something simple and easy to solve this as I knew many of those I emailed were having the same challenges I was.”

“The simple approach from Contact Monkey,is click on the link, select what format you need (BlackBerry, Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and have it added to your address book.”

The easier you make something to use, the more it is used and to use this product is truly that easy!  Make sure you check it out!  I can’t help but think of what a good friend of mine recently stated about Contact Monkey, “It’s something I could easily show my Grandma how to use.”

ContactMonkey Feature Tour

ContactMonkey Feature Tour

Here’s what ContactMonkey is all about.

For Businesses and Individuals

ContactMonkey is free for individuals. Businesses using our white label service enjoy all our benefits for as low as $3/month.

White Label

Your Contact Cloud looks like your own web site. We’ll help you set up ** in 10 minutes flat!

19 Export Methods

People will have no problem importing your contact details: we support address books everywhere.

Know Your Visitors

Find out when your info is downloaded and track visitors to your profile page.

ContactMonkey On Your Site

Use our widget to let visitors to your site download your details. Easy setup, one click…done.

Integration is Easy

You can automatically feed your contact details to us, with our Active Directory plugin or our API.

Let Them Follow You

Getting your contact details is one thing: keeping them up to date another. We’ve got that covered too.

Admin Control

Company accounts give you the power to manage all your users in one place.

Security is Built In

You’ll have complete control over how your contact info can be accessed.

Internal Directory

Your company site includes a viewable index of all your users. You can optionally make that directory public.

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