SolverLabs Releases FREE Angry Pigs and Angry Pigs Season

SolverLabs has released FREE version Angry Pigs and Angry Pigs Season. Pigs are angry – big bad Wolves chased little Piglets from their houses! Tiny Piglets didn’t have a choice but to find Pig warriors to get their homes and lands back. Time to revenge and strike back on those pesky hairy sneaky eared creatures! Each Pig has it’s own feature – find out how to smash those Wolves in the most destructive way! The game introduces an incredibly precise physics never seen on BlackBerry® smartphones before.


  • Lets you zoom the scene in and out
  • Endless hours of fun, you can repeatedly play it without boring
  • Cute original graphics and real world physics engine
  • 15 free levels with much more in the paid version and much more to come soon

NOTE: if your phone’s screen is not touch-enabled

  • click track pad to focus on the slingshot
  • move track pad to target the slingshot when it is focused
  • click track pad to shoot when targeted
  • click Cancel button to release the slingshot
  • move track pad to navigate across the scene when the slingshot is not focused
  • move trackpad vertically while holding Alt key to zoom in and out


Download Angry Pigs free from App WorldDownload Angry Pigs Seasons free from App World