MobileVoip Releases First VoIP Application for BlackBerry

One of the biggest things missing in the application catalog for BlackBerry users was a VoIP app.  MobileVoIP changes all of that.  For most Blackberry users VoIP calls used to be a thing of dreams because of the stringent security that BIS/BES service has.  MobileVoip has developed an application that allows BlackBerry users to make VoIP calls from their device. The application does not utilize the BIS or BES service on the device but rather connects the calls via 3G or WiFi signal.  The company has partnered with a wide variety of VoIP carriers, but none of the big name companies (1-VoIP or Vonage) are present. Most of the companies are based outside of the United States.

There is one issue that must be mentioned about the app.  There are no free options available when it comes to the providers.  You must purchase air time/minutes to be able to utilize the application.  It will not work with skype or any other free calling option.

I used the app to make a few phone calls and the quality is about the same as you would receive on a cellular phone.

If you are interested in using this product you can download it for Free from app world here.