Press Release: QuickBerry Podcast Announces QuickBerry 500 Giveaway – AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Up for Grabs!

Franklin, WV, USA (Hammerdown Media) February 27, 2012

The QuickBerry Podcast is announcing the opening of its website,, and a giveaway for its loyal listeners. The QuickBerry Podcast 500 giveaway will gift one listener a new unlocked ATT BlackBerry Bold 9900, when QuickBerry reaches 500 unique listeners for two consecutive shows. To enter, listeners must have a twitter account, and make at least one tweet including the hashtag #QuickBerry500. QuickBerry will announce the winner on the show following the second consecutive show with 500 unique listeners. The winner will then have 72 hours, from when the show is posted, to email QuickBerry with their twitter handle and mailing info. This giveaway is open worldwide. Entrants are encouraged to share the show with new listeners, the faster QuickBerry gets to 500 unique listeners, the sooner the giveaway will take place.

The QuickBerry Podcast was created to showcase the talent of BlackBerry Bloggers from all the different blogs online. Thus, QuickBerry does not show favoritism to any one blog, or any individual blogger. QuickBerry’s primary goal, is to expose the average BlackBerry user to a wider range of information, support, services and products they would otherwise never hear about, in an entertaining manner.

Also playing comedy music from during the last half of every show, QuickBerry aims to spread the word that good music isn’t all serious.

QuickBerry also runs ads for BlackBerry related services, products, and websites, along with ads for musicians and podcasts related to, a comedy music website. Many of these ads are in trade for similar marketing consideration to grow QuickBerry’s listener base. Some are paid advertising, which helps QuickBerry maintain hosting, production and marketing efforts.

About QuickBerry

QuickBerry is hosted by Anthony Perdue, AKA @BBSuperAbuser, a podcaster, media producer, private BlackBerry technical support provider (read: his friends call him, begging him to help with BlackBerry problems), experienced alpha and beta tester, theme designer,  and BlackBerry “Super Abuser”. Anthony has been coaxing functionality and performance out of his BlackBerry device that others once thought was impossible, since his first BlackBerry, a 7100g.

QuickBerry’s first episode went live on Monday, January 2nd, 2012, and has been posted every week since.

Anthony Perdue


QuickBerry Podcast, host

Hammerdown Media and Marketing, President