iSequenceNloop App For The Playbook, First App To Have Voice Recorder, Mixer And Sequencer

Just like the app description says, this is the first app to offer all those. Put your favorite song in and mix it to your heart’s content.It also supports various formats including MP3 and WAV. The app is currently half off it’s regular price, you can get it for $1.99.

App Description:

iSequence ‘N’ Loop is the first of it’s kind multi track voice recorder, mixer and sequencer for BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

Record voices, mix sound by importing songs from various formats like MP3, WAVE, AIFF onto various tracks at desired intervals of time.


Play clips as loops

Add tracks; select the track you want to record on; drag the marker where you want on the timeline and hit record. The recording will start from that marker on the selected track. If you want to record on another added track, just select the other track; drag the marker and hit record!.
On clicking the play button, the player mixes the audio from all the tracks and plays the combined stereo mix.

It also supports saving and opening of the created composition. You can even edit tracks that were saved earlier

Note: Please use a headset/earphones to avoid double recording.

* Move the recorded clippings across the timeline of the track

* Ability to perform undoes and Redoes

* Control the volume of each track individually

* Export the composition as wave

* Import from various audio formats like MP3, WAVE, AIFF and mix

* Ability to play clips as loops

* Controls to move the clips minimally

* Record for how much long as you can as length the track is pretty long

* Neat and intuitive interface

NOTE: Right now recordings are producing a slight delay because of which the recorded audio is going out of sync. We are working on this. Feel free to use the adjustment controls, found at the right bottom, to adjust the position of the recorded clip.

OGG and AIFF support, improvements and more exciting features on the way!

We would love to hear from you for any concerns feedback or suggestions.

UPDATED: Added import of all most all WAV formats( curently supported WAVs are 8,16,24,32 bit stereo at 44 kHZ sample rate). If you feel that certain WAV formats are not getting imported please mail the details to us. We would add support to that in the future releases of this app. ( Thanks to one of the users who had reported a problem with the wave import).

Get it from Blackberry App World for $1.99.