Philadelphia man uses Phone Jammer to Disrupt All Cell Phone Services

A Philadelphia man riding the public bus, remotely nuked every cell phone service on the bus. Astonishing enough the Philadelphia man state that he simply did not want to listen to other people’s phone conversations, and that he turns on the illegal device when other people talk too loud and they get on his nerves.

He continues saying, “I guess I’m taking the law into my own hands, and quite frankly, I’m proud of it.” This act to of tranquility doesn’t sit well with Michelle Ellison, Chief of the Federal Communication Commission Enforcement Bureau.

“While some people who use jammers may think they are only silencing loud conversations or disabling unwanted GPS tracking, they could also be preventing a scared teenager from calling 911, an elderly person from placing an urgent call to a doctor, or a rescue team from homing in on the location of a severely injured person,” Ellison said. “The price for one person’s moment of peace or privacy, could very well be the safety and well-being of others.”

Using jammers to block cellular communication is illegal, although jammers can be used for theaters to mute your communications if they are told to turn off their cell phones. But with news recently of terrors in school and cell phones being the primary link of communication to the outside, the use of jammers should be monitored.

What do you think of Jammers being legal, should they be?






  • J. Black

    If you ride the bus, deal with what comes with it! You have no car or chose not to drive, so you have no right to complain as if ypur the only irritated person! Screaming kids is just as bad as cell phones (thought I would stick that in there).