Wifi Manager App For Your Blackberry

This wifi manager app takes on the task of only turning on your wifi when you need it. That is, you don’t have to keep remembering to turn it on and off to save battery life. And it’s free to download plus good for older devices.

App Description:

Do you always turn on and off your WiFi connection depending on where you are to save battery, but hate to remember to turn in on when you are in you WiFi location ? Well this application is perfect for you as it does exactly that. WiFi Manager will manage your WiFi connection depending on your cell tower location. Once you white listed your locations it will turn your WiFi off and on for you and assists in improving your battery life.

How it works:

After the installation you won ‘t find an application icon as it integrated within your menu options only. Visit the locations you want to white list and add them to the WiFi-Manager list. Ensure you have enabled the WiFi manager and then you ready to go.

Note: Sometimes a location might be between two cell towers or more so you might have to add the location multiple times to ensure you cover each cell tower.

Download Wifi Manager at Blackberry App World.