Mobile Innovations Marries PlayBook and Police Cruisers

Mobile Innovations President and Founder Gary Bauer talks about how his company married PlayBook with police cruisers to make them mobile workstations.

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BlackBerry Alliance Partner Mobile Innovations couples PlayBook and police cruisers with apps to turn vehicles into mobile work-stations for law enforcement personnel. Secure PlayBook 2.0 apps include data access, error-free license scanning and ticket printing, activity reports, automated vehicle inspection reports, GPS mapping, voice transcription and more.

Known internationally for its cost-cutting law enforcement apps for BlackBerry®, Mobile Innovations has become the world’s first enterprise software developer to release secure data, reporting and encrypted communications applications for PlayBook using the new OS 2.0. A longstanding BlackBerry Alliance Partner and last year’s winner of the Public Sector Wireless Achievement Award, Mobile Innovations has added a dozen new PlayBook applications to its BlackBerry arsenal to go with the flow away from expensive ruggedized laptops and towards affordable in-vehicle tablets like the new PlayBook.

“Our PlayBook 2.0 platform gives officers in police vehicles one hundred percent of the power, speed and security of on-board laptops at about twenty percent of the cost.” Explains Mobile Innovations founder and president Gary Bauer. “A couple of years ago, a tablet was something my kids used for on-line gaming. Now law enforcement can use the PlayBook as a heads-ups display to eliminate onerous paperwork for everything from incident and activity recording, to automated vehicle inspection reports.”

Marrying BlackBerry solutions to law mobile enforcement needs since its start up, the company now offers secure new generation PlayBook apps not just for police services clients, but for any customer who runs a fleet of service vehicles and needs to dramatically reduce paper-related inefficiencies.

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