BlackBerry PlayBook Application to save Surrey Council £100,000

Over in the UK in Surrey County the county council is developing an application for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and Torch smartphone to give youth it workers  the ability to access to records easily and securely on their Blackberry devices.

Paul Brocklehurst, head of information technology and management at Surrey county council, said they decided to make the application compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook and Torch smartphone because it seemed to be the most secure technology to transfer sensitive information and was fully GCSx compliant. “We looked at other technology as well, like iPads and so on, but this seemed like the best option for us due to the security aspect and it being encrypted,” he said.

The app will allow youth workers to update the personal details of young people while on the move and, according to Surrey, the app should save between £75,000 and £100,000 annually by cutting down on the time spent completing paperwork.

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