BlackBerry Prices in India Cut as Much as 26% Off!

RIM has taking drastic measure ahead of tomorrow’s earnings call by cutting as much as 26% off Blackberry devices in India.  This in my option is a great move for RIM to grab more market share.

The Times of India is reporting that RIM has cut BlackBerry prices from 18-26% depending on the model.


“RIM as a brand has moved from just an enterprise device to as a more consumer device. Be it our services or the product, we have seen a strong uptake by the youth and therefore, to get the devices into more hands, we are cutting the prices,” RIM India Managing Director Sunil Dutt told.

Dutt further added, “The move will help us tap a wider base of the large market that India is.”

I am sure tons of media outlets will have a field day with this news, being that their earnings call is set for tomorrow. What do you think?

Via: BBE